Saturday, July 14, 2012

Breakfast at Jollibee Gaisano City,Iloilo

Why am I posting about Jollibee? That's because I had one of the nicest breakfast there. I was waiting for my sister's photos so I decided to grab the opportunity of eating my favorite Jollibee breakfast- their pancakes. Paired with my new favorite Jollibee drink, the coffee float, I felt...privileged.

Jollibee at Gaisano City located in Luna St. Lapaz, Iloilo City
I arrived by the counter at 11 am which meant the unavailability of my beloved pancakes. Determined to get those artificial pillows of digestible heaven, I pleaded hoping she would reconsider. Lo and behold, two more pancakes available! I thanked Gerly for her kind consideration and paid for my order.

Jollibee Pancake Meal costing 51 php with Coffee Float Upgrade. Total breakfast cost... 76 php
I will admit that there's a little too much ice on my coffee float. Other than that, I am quite happy for their service.

Jollibee is located at Gaisano City, Luna St., Lapaz, Iloilo City.
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  1. Ahhhh... this post makes me want pancakes and coffee this morning!! I have my favorite pancake place too. It's called "Cornerstone Restaurant," and the pancakes there are light and fluffy and wonderful. I decided to visit your blog when I saw your comment on my recent post. Haven't had much time (any time???) for visiting blogs lately, but I'm glad I did this morning. Nice to "meet" you.


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