Saturday, August 18, 2012

Coco Fresco at SM Marikina

Thirsty? Need a refreshing, cold drink at an affordable price? Are you at SM Marikina? Drop by Coco Fresco and enjoy their Plain Buko Shake (Coco Shake) at 55 php.

The Coco Fresco logo is found in all their drinks.

No, this isn't a sponsored ad. But I sure hope it was. On Weekends and Fridays, don't be surprised if their little kiosk is teeming with customers. Their Coco Shake is delicious (and did I say cheap already?) and well worth the 55 php it costs.

Coco Fresco Kiosk in SM Marikina

Coco Fresco Prices (as of this post's date):
Coco Shake Venti (22oz) - 55 php
Coco Shake Grande (16oz) - 45 php
1 L Coco Water (Buko Juice)- 70 php
500 ml Coco Water- 40 php

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