Thursday, August 23, 2012

Food for Thought: JD Roadhouse in Iloilo City, Philippines

JD Roadhouse is pretty much the food haven of students, yuppies and families alike. The food is cheap and reasonably good. The first time I have gone to JD was in high school. Back then, their famed Baked Mac cost 16 php. I would pair it up with an iced tea which was about 11 php (or somewhere between the lines).

JD Roadhouse is located near the University of San Agustin.
After more than a decade of continued patronage, JD is still one of my favorite places to dine in Iloilo.

JD Roadhouse has a variety of bread selections.
Their manager has always had the customer's best interest at heart. Once, I had requested for additional white sauce in my Fettuccine Alfredo and the manager had it replaced. There wasn't anything wrong with my order, I just wanted more sauce because this particular one didn't have as much as I was accustomed to. The manager saw it and told the waitress to serve us a new one- even though I've already taken a bite at it.

Cakes, confectioneries and bread snacks are all spotlighted in their glass displays.
JD Roadhouse is my favorite JD branch because it was the first one to introduce the Rice Square Meals. A side note though, those who miss the old taste of Baked Mac would be better off at JD Lapaz near the entrance of Iloilo Mission Hospital.

And my all time favorite is their Mixed Beef Rice Square.
It does not matter if you're just hanging out with friends or eating out with your family, in JD Roadhouse you'll always get a great meal for your hard-earned money.

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