Monday, May 17, 2010

My Guy....

While we were going to work (my work, my boyfriend just brings me to work and stays there for the duration of my duty), we were discussing about the perils of me not being independent enough to support my own whims. My sisters have been ganging up on me-unconsciously- about finding a better paying job because I may end up someday regretting not taking advantage of my youth in grabbing employment opportunities.

I had to post something... Once again, most of the pictures and videos I posted in my blog are not mine so credits goes to the owner or maker of this one.

But as I've said, I have to sacrifice one for the other. It's either I get a high paying highly competitive stressful corporate job or I do away with the large salary and tempting incentives for the freedom that I currently have. I chose the latter.

Back to our primary topic. Since I told him that my brother-in-law used to spend all his month's salary in calling my sister everyday when they were far from each other (since cellular phones weren't invented yet), he asked me if I were asked by my sisters about him, what qualities would I tell them that would make him stand out.

My guy... this is something you should ask yourself too. What does your guy do that makes him so special?

My guy...
  • Takes care of me when I'm sick, literally. He takes the day off 'til I get better.
  • Brings me food when he knows I'm in a bad mood.
  • Buys me Twix... I LOVE TWIX
  • Bears with my annoyances like when I used one tune for more than 5 sets of lyrics.

Not my video, it took me like an hour to search for the exact tune that repeated itself in my head. This is from Clannad After Story. Beneath this is the video clip where I got the song.

This tune annoyed him so much. Eventually he succumbs to the power of Dango and started humming it too.
  • Bought me a bouquet of roses and a venti cup of mochaccino frappĂ© because he thought I was extremely mad at him for making me wait for more than an hour. I went out of the office building and there I saw him waiting in the corner with his gifts.
  • Plays Tales of Pirates with me (MMORPG)
  • Allows me to spend our money on my character in Tales of Pirates.
  • Takes care of my character in Tales of Pirates before his.

    Note: I am not encouraging you to spend money on online games because it is not something you could invest on. However, on our end, this is my only past time which is why I decided to allot a very small amount of my salary to buy mall items.
  • Cooks delicious spaghetti!
  • Is PATIENT with me
  • Is understanding
  • Does his best to comfort me during my depression even when he knows his attempts are futile.
This is how depression feels.
  • Supports me in the stories I write. He even pitches his ideas to make it better.
  • Still thinks I'm sexy even when I've grown some pounds.
  • Shares great conversations with me.
  • Takes me to movies I like.
  • Is nice and respectful to my mom even when she pisses him off.
  • Bought me a laptop because he knows I can't live without one ^_^
  • Always thinks I'm charming and cute.
He probably pictures me looking like this in his mind.
  • Has that loving look.
  • Is so smart!!!
  • Is confident. He seldom becomes insecure or jealous. He knows I love him... ^_^
  • Has never dictated my actions. He understands that I know my boundaries.
  • Does not see my Ex as a threat. They talk as if they're friends.
  • Had the ring he gave me engraved with our unconventional motto.
  • Is God-Fearing.
  • Helps me in doing laundry.
  • Does house chores whenever he's at my home (cleaning my room, doing my bed, washing the dishes, buying containers filled with 5 gallons of mineral water for household consumption and more).
  • Deals with my being a perfectionist.
During occurences of male non-responsiveness, you know what to do... Just don't go for the kill.

Wow! and that's not half of it. Of course, he has his flaws too. But why bother thinking about them when his flaws are compensated by his attributes. Yes, we DO fight but the happiness I have experienced with him all this years outweighs all the petty arguments and misunderstandings we encounter everyday.


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