Monday, May 3, 2010

The Pros and Cons of being with a Silent Guy

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I had a big fight with my boyfriend last week regarding money matters. Yes, money matters. It is expected that once you have a psuedo-joint account then serious financial conflicts begin to surface.

So anyway, this epic fight of which I won the battle but lost the war started when I realized that he never told me the tiny detail that due to his schedule change, his salary had reduced to 60% of its original amount.

Why is this a big deal? Not because we would have less than our usual earnings but because he didn't tell me earlier. If he had informed me this little detail even at the moment I had asked him if everything would still be okay, I would've been aware of our current monthly budget. Hence, the occurrence of the almost deficit of our bank account.

As a standard, I prefer silent guys but here are the problems with these types:

PRO 1: UN-chatty guys prefer to listen to their partners talk. So, if you're talkative or have ADHD, you've struck oil.

CON 1: The silence sometimes kills. Especially if you prefer a partner who is highly "reactive"- as if not responding is a form of saying "I wasn't listening."

Not literally speaking...

PRO 2: Silence means "yes"!!! If you wish to debate about whether to buy something you really love with his money or both yours and his, he'll definitely give-in even without the reinforcement of the puppy face pout or the seductively persuasive smile.

CON 2: Silence may also mean: You already know my answer and I have no plans of changing my decision.

PRO 3: He's considerate enough not to tell you his burdens because he knows you also have problems of your own.

CON 3: He's inconsiderate- not enough to hurt you directly but just enough to feel pissed due to his none responsive attitude whenever you try to discuss the topic. They are usually unaware that disclosing from you "some minor detail" would bring about frustrations on your side.

And the finale!

Hope I didn't bore you that much.

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