Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bubba Lab Tea at Graceland Plaza, Marikina City

The newly opened Bubba Lab at Graceland Plaza is quite a hang out place. When it comes to ambiance, this little tea shop is one of those perfect hideaway types. 

Laboratory-themed interiors with rat plushies in a cage! Black and purple overall motif with a hint of  paper balls hanging in the air.
Bubba Lab Teas cost between 70 php to 95 php. I haven't tried or seen them all yet. However, I do enjoy drinking their Chocolate-flavored  tea. I would've chosen Tiramisu for a change, but it wasn't available yet. 

Bubba Lab Tea's Order Area. As you could see, prices are listed on the board with their own periodical table symbol. They've also taken the liberty of adding in the hot and cold availability of said "element".
The last tea/smoothie I tasted was called ChocoBanana and it wasn't all that bad (I say that as a compliment). I wasn't that happy with their Mocha Latte, though. It had a very overpowering coffee taste- nothing a minor adjustment on the cream (or milk) measurement won't fix.

Goodbye, Coffee Era. Hello, Tea Era!
Bubba Lab Tea is located at Graceland Plaza along J.P. Rizal Street, Brgy. Lamuan Malanday, 1805 Marikina City.

For more information, you could drop by their Bubba Lab-Graceland Plaze Facebook Page.

Bubba Lab Tea Store Hours
10:00 am - 09:00 pm (Monday to Thursday)
10:00 pm - 10:00 pm (Friday to Sunday)

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