Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pepper Lunch: One of the Best Sizzlers in Town

 This Large Pepper Lunch logo is located at Shangri-La Plaza, EDSA corner, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.
The reason why I am posting about Pepper Lunch is because I LOVE their sizzlers! Sure, I may have gotten minor burns from their hot plate, but it's definitely worth it.

Note to self, control hunger and exercise caution while mixing said delicious ingredients on hot plate.

Interesting enough, we found the Pepper Lunch menus having different labels for each dish ( Gateway Cubao & Shangri-La Plaza).
The Beef Pepper Rice with Curry was something I had to try twice. Drizzle it with a little sauce, mix it in the hot plate and you're good to go. I prefer the one with Curry because of the mozzarella cheese.

This Pepper Lunch is located in Gateway's food court. While I order some Iced Tea Biggies, my sister makes her way to Pepper Lunch to get those sizzlers cooking.
For convenience sake, we often stop by this one in Gateway. However, the Pepper Lunch located in Shangri-La Plaza had a more inviting ambiance.

As you could see, the Pepper Lunch at Shangri-La has a wider serving and eating area. 
Pepper Lunch meals can cost between 145 php to 278 php. Our personal favorite, Beef Pepper Rice, is at 145 php. Just add 45 php to upsize (30% more) your Pepper Rice. (Refernce: Pepper Lunch Gateway price list).

Here's one last picture of the Pepper Rice restaurant in Shangri-La Plaza. As you could see, warm hues light up the place with a certain glow.
Bottom line...

1) Interesting food preparation process
2) Delicious sizzling orders
3) Affordable

So, if you're dropping by Gateway or taking a stroll in Shangri-La, consider trying Pepper Lunch's Beef Pepper Rice.

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