Sunday, April 19, 2015

Chevy Burger in Marikina

Hamburger House. Self-service. Pay as you order.
After a few months of wondering why Chevy Burger was always filled with customers, I finally struck gold when my sister decided we go try it.

The large Chevy Burger sign greets incoming patrons as they enter the small joint.
Indeed, the place is small, but the taste is nowhere in comparison to the crowded seats and the overwhelming abundance in ingredients.

This newly opened Chevy Burger is situated along JP Rizal, across Malanday's South Supermarket.
As you could see, the place is jam-packed. When we entered, they were full. For a brief moment, the seats emptied. A few minutes later, it's like this again.

I second this caption. They definitely know their stuff.
Chevy Burger reminds me of Iloilo Glor's Burger or the old American Legacy. They serve good burgers at an affordable price. Getting the Messy Melt at 75 pesos and a tall glass of Iced Tea for 25 pesos is quite rare.

This Messy Melt Burger oozes with "house-blend" cheese sauce. Each bite was filled with meaty goodness.
I just love that the Messy Melt burger had mushrooms. But then, there was the nachos with cheesy abundance.

Nachos!!! Mmmm....
Overall, the #ChevyBurger experience was worth the wait. It was always full and far. So when they opened a branch more accessible to me, I was ecstatic. I think I've blurted out their name a few times than anticipated.

One of Chevy Burger's newest branches is situated along J. P. Rizal Street, Marikina, Metro Manila. They're open from 2:00 PM - 11:00 PM.

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  1. Was suppose to be my 1st time to try Chevy burger last night but because of this arrogant and unfriendly waitress I've decide to just walkout. I wish I'd be able to know who the owner of this branch is. They should train their waitress to be more friendly and more assisting to their customers no matter how tired or busy they are. But in my case last night I think they were not busy not to atleast go near me and be very friendly and assistive..


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