Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Blake's Wings & Steaks in Marikina City

We unexpectedly decided to check out Blake's Wings & Steaks House in San Roque, Marikina. We had to wait quite a while before we were seated.

Word of Warning: Parking is limited. They do have a parking makeshift parking area at the street a few meters back.

The steakhouse was relatively cheap. The place itself had a certain Texas charm. I assume the owner poured his/her heart in decorating the place with wood-themed furniture and decorations.

This is the Blake's Wings & Steaks House waiting area.
I just love the restaurant's front. I've imagined witnessing their intense cooking routine beyond the walls made of glass. But enough about the place, lets talk about the food.

Blake's On-and-on Strings
The onion strings were seasoned and battered fairly. I can't say they're as good as Rack's onion brick, but that's just fine-given the price it's being sold at.

Dibs on Ribs. 1/2 kg of Pork Ribs at 350 pesos.
Now, the Pork Ribs, those were unforgettable. I never thought a hint of curry flavor would mesh well with Hickory barbecue sauce.

1/2 kg Wicked Wings for 195 pesos.
Then, there was their Porterhouse Steak. I swear the steak looked like a T-bone. The waiter said it was a Porterhouse Steak, but it had a T-shaped bone in the middle! Kidding aside, the mashed potatoes were really good. I would eat seconds in a heartbeat. The same goes for the leafy greens.

Blake's Porterhouse Steak at 250php.
Overall, our eating experience was okay. Blake's Wings and Steak House is perfect for people who want to enjoy good food on a budget. They're usually full (even on the weekdays), so do be patient while waiting to get seated. 

Blake's Wings & Steaks is located at Mayor Gil Fernando Ave, Marikina, Metro Manila.  You may reach them at (02) 632 71 90 / (+63) 906 904 4919

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