Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dining at Omakase Japanese Restaurant

We never expected for Omakase to be surprisingly good. The Japanese place is usually caught with empty seats. This, we soon realized, was because people had to wait to be seated--which is completely fine.

Of course, there's also the price point. Four thousand pesos for a group of eight isn't so bad, but it's not the cheapest place to eat Japanese cuisine at either.

Omakase Marikina's Sushi Boat. Don't let the mustard-ish blob scare you. It's good!
On the bright side, be it service, plating, or their food itself, Omakase hit my sweet tooth like a chocolate cake baked to perfection.

Tempura Ice Cream. Vanilla ice cream wrapped in crunchy pancake and doused in chocolate sauce. With a cherry on top!
A most memorable selection includes their Japanese Sushi Boat (920 php), Tempura Ice Cream (105 php), and their cheese-dressed, tuna-filled Maki. If I remember correctly, it's called the American Dream (205 php). 

And my final suggestion: a glass of their bottomless Iced Tea (75 php). You can get refills for both Wild Raspberry and Panama Orange in Omakase Marikina--whichever you choose to order.

Sorry, I had to use another Store's Map. Omakase is located in the same building.

Omakase is located in ESJ Building, Gil Fernando Avenue, San Roque, Marikina City. You may call them at (632)631-6588. Check out there menu at Zomato.

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