Saturday, April 11, 2015

GT Academy Invades the Philippines

Are you a Gran Turismo veteran?

Do you like that adrenaline rush pumping through your system when you overtake fellow online racers?

Do you want to make that virtual challenge a reality?

Well, now's your chance. Nissan, in partnership with Playstation, is bringing this experience of a lifetime to the Philippines. The GT Academy, launched in Europe last 2008, is now looking for the best Filipino Gran Turismo 6 players to compete in live events. 

From the Philippines top 20, the final 6 will get to compete internationally with other Asian-based players.

Nissan's GT Academy Media Launch last March 25, 2015
Save the date!

April to June 2015- Nissan's GT Academy recruits the top 20 Filipino players to compete on the National Finals

Nissan Philippines, Inc's PR Officer Sara de Guzman deadly in black and ready to race.
July 2015- National Finals 2015. Philippine's top 20 will race against each other to determine the top 6 finalists who'll compete against the best Gran Turismo drivers in Asia.

International Race Camp Week 2. Experience the speed inside an actual Nissan sports car.
August 2015- Race Camp Week commences. Players will be tested for their stamina, strength, mental agility and driving skills against Asia's best in UK's Silverstone Racing Circuit.

An Experience of a Lifetime
Driver Development Program. The new GT Academy Champion in Asia will join other GT Academy winners in an intense pro-race training program under the guidance of professional coaches and racers at the Silverstone Racing Circuit.

Graduation. After passing the Driver Development Program, graduates will receive an International C License. This will allow them to compete in a prestigious international racing event.

And the grandest of grand grand prize?

A spot on the Nissan elite racing team.

Riccardo Sanchez, winner of the GT Academy International 2014 
So what are you waiting for?

Give it a try... You'll never know until you enter the GT Pod and take the time trial challenge during their live racing event.

Interested in the program? Visit Nissan Philippines' Facebook Page


  1. Hi, can i speak with you regarding pplic? I had a run in with them yesterday. So fastforward, i didn't attend the meeting, i didn't the type in my pin when asked for it (i remember correctly she asked her colleage "ok naba si sir, and then she was met with a nope, shaking her head. The girl i'm with asked nicely if i can type in my pin which i replied with a stiff no, told them i'm waiting for my barber so i was wandering around rob ermita and left their office. Will something happen to my money? Do i need to take it out na and cut off atm and request a new one?

    1. No. If it's a debit card, they need your pin. I suggest you call your bank. Although, I can say right now that you any transaction through atm where the pin isn't entered remains void, you can call your bank to further assure you.

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