Sunday, September 21, 2014

DoVa Brunch Cafe: Iloilo's Dining Treasure

Don't let the word cafe stop you from entering DoVa Brunch Cafe. It's a restaurant and brunch cafe that offers good food and great atmosphere. Some of their best-sellers include the Cornflake Friend Chicken & Waffle, pretty much anything with their scrumptious waffle, and deep-fried Cheese Ball appetizers.

DoVa Brunch Cafe entrance. The waiter was nice enough to take the picture for me.
Dova is often full during meal times. In fact, I suggest calling them for a reservation if you really want to eat there exactly at lunch or dinner time. Better yet, you might as well enjoy an early or late lunch.

True to their Ilonggo hospitality, Dova's servers remind me of the best Outback and Alfredo Steakhouse waiters. They're attentive, nice, and eager to please. You'd probably feel guilty for not leaving them a tip. 

Hummus Plate for 195 php. I personally do not like this Greek concoction. I'm more of a waffles kind of person.
Prices at Dova are at the higher end of what Ilonggo restaurants normally charge. Although affordable, don't expect to pay for a JD or Hungry Ninja meal. We ordered a Hummus Plate appetizer, two full entrees consisting of a Beef Brisket plate and a Bacon and Sausage Waffle meal, and two drinks. All in all, our total damage amounted to 970 php.  

Now, this is what you call an all-American meal with salty and spicy sausage, crispy bacon and overflowing maple syrup on top of a buttered waffle. Bacon and Sausage with Waffle for 240 php.
Is Dova's food that good? Yes. In a span of one week, I've gone their twice to satiate my palate and experience that Afrique's vibe in another setting. Try their Grape smoothie, it reminds me of my Cibo days.

Tiny Tidbit: You're probably wondering where the name came from. According to Panay News, Dova is the last two syllables of the name of the Chef and owner of the place itself, Chef Miguel Cordova.

The most expensive entree in our order, Beef Brisket with Black Rice. The meat was tender while the gravy and black rice was quite tasty. What I didn't like about this 350 php selection is the amount of fat on the beef. Maybe I could request a fat-trimmed one next time.
Dova is located at  Huervana Extension Street, LaPaz, Iloilo City. It's across the tennis court within the LaPaz Plaza. They're open from 9 am to 9 pm.

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