Thursday, November 24, 2011

Food: Alfredo's Steak House

The evening of November 17...

Alfredo's is found in Quezon City, Tomas Morato. They are well-known for their scrumptious steaks cooked from imported meat and high price tag. This was where the festivities would end tonight. Even my brother-in-law wasn't able to eat up his entire ration.

Here is my beautiful juicy steak before it had been dissected. Medium rare was my sister's choice, but nonetheless nothing I'm particular of. Had I gone hungry even at least once the entire day, I'm sure this sizzling piece of protein would've just perfectly made its way home in my tummy.

But no! I had cake, iceblended coffee with extra whip cream, two plates of spaghetti and two glasses of C2 during snack time. And that was to say the least of it. At Alfredo's I had thick, rich tomato soup, a pandesal, and two types of vegetable salads. Oh yes, the gravy as well! Should I still review their food? Shouldn't this be enough to show how much I loved the flavors and the ambience of the restuarant? The service was top-notched, too.

Not to forget my Rib-eye steak (which cost 1,500php). That last bite piece was to be the pinnacle of my entire day's meal. And I only had two glasses of the bottomless iced tea to accompany it. I felt my head swirling...Oh no, please don't let it be my body's warning sign of a hypertension. Or maybe it was protein overload.

Sango!'s store frontage is the one at the right bottom corner.
I felt staying still was not an option. So to keep myself moving, I and my nieces went accross the street towards Sango!. This a burger joint (more or less) who offered free manga reading. Each corner table had a row of manga selections.The receptionist was even nice to us- giving us some origami samples even when I told her we weren't dining in. Sango! is definitely on my TO-VISIT list when I come back.

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