Monday, November 28, 2011

Bar: The Library Comedy Bar

This was the bar I had procrastinated to post about. The Library had not been as memorable as Zirkoh, but I'd still give credit to their hosts for making the night pretty entertaining. We were lucky to have gone there during "Queen of the Nights" Talent Night.

It's not a surprise that I'd get to see a number of talents just like in Zirkoh. Although the jokes had been greener compared to the former, one of the most unforgettable moment I have ever encountered there was while hearing a voluptuous lady singing male lead songs phenomenally.

GP and PG wise, I'd rather recommend Zirkoh. Otherwise, nights with special events are definitely a must-see treat. The "Queen of the Night" experience was fun. At one moment, I and my sister had been debating whether the person upfront was actually a woman. Seeing a number of men dressed sexily with flowing hair paired with real bosoms is not a usual experience for me.

I regret not knowing the name of that singing lady. I even searched for her weekly group in their website Alas, to no avail.

This is Contestant Number 1. One of the comments made by my group about him was he looked like Ara Mina. And that's no insult on her part. He had a very quaint smile.

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