Friday, November 11, 2011

Vampire Diaries Season 3 on Vacation

There's this news circulating the internet that the Vampire Diaries will stop showing until January 5, 2012. That's a pretty long time to wait for the next episode. Although I know some people would highly disagree on this, I'm sure that there are others who are wondering why. I don't know either except that it's going on a long vacation.

I just finished watching the Episode 9 from the 3rd Season and was thinking that maybe it was because it seemed awkward to just proceed to episode 10 when 9 was like a climactic ending- a prelude to a new season.

Well, I can't wait for January 5! I do hope they have an interesting set after the new year. The fans will be dying to see what happens now that Stefan is temporarily out of the picture- giving Damon some me time with Elena.

Almost... but not quite there yet.

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