Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Comedy Bar: Zirkoh

We just got home from Zirkoh Bar at Tomas Morato. This is the 3rd bar I had gone to within this year and definitely the best one ever. My sister kept on talking about Onse and I couldn't help but be curious what the rave was all about him.

Zirkoh is the most wholesome bar I have gone to. I've even noticed a number of kids in the audiences who've participated in the show. The performers there are generally great singers and some of which are really funny and delightful dancers. 

I have to admit, Onse was a sight to behold. Imagine a never ending GIF or that energizer bunny running on turbo batteries. Not only is he a charming young man, but also an amusing comedian. He reminds me of one of my nieces who can't stop moving.  Mind you, he isn't all jeering and singing. He can also dance and create smart intuitive jokes on the spot. I felt he was sucking my energy because of his level of activity. And that's a compliment!

The entire Zirkoh Monday group was a blast. There was Boobay who did Beyonce's Who Run the World and Willie Jones, Joyce Yadao, Rheena, and Nikki who all have majestic voices (I sincerely apologize for not knowing everyone in depth but 80% of my consciousness was focused on LMAO-ing because they were very hilarious.). Since most comedy bars have sing-alongs wherein a number of customers are selected from the audience, this night in particular had been especially fun because there was the "Bingo Guy" who seemed game with whatever he'd been advised to do by Expert Performance Adviser Onse and a lady with big busts who Onse once again made fun of. 

And for those who have instantly assumed that what they're doing is insulting/degrading,  a comedy bar is a comedian's turf. They're there to entertain and not to be taken seriously. It's an unwritten rule that if you enter a comedy bar, you're prepared to go under the spotlight. I wasn't spared either. Fortunately, I had only been mistaken a T-Bird.

Their guest host had been Boobsie. Imagine a big round baby wearing a dress and a giant bow on her head. The most memorable part of her performance was when she did the macho dance for a body guard whom she had fitted her pink garments to. The video below isn't her entire performance but it'll suffice my claim.

P.S. The laughing really sucked every ounce of power I had reserved for staying up late.

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