Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Reminiscing My Niece's Birthday

Imagine today's the 17th of November. The kids are at school and my sister has her day-off. We go the grocery store and stock up for snack time's spaghetti. Once done with the first task, we go to Red Ribbon to buy the pretty Tiramisu cake which have lasted for more than a week in the refrigerator. The day had turned out even better when my sister bought me and herself a venti Starbucks Dark Mocha with extra whip cream in SM.

Kate's 11th Birthday Cake

Not that the cake tasted too sweet or too bland, nobody just had the guts to claim the last piece due to the possibility of facing the wrath of the birthday girl.

We had the traditional spaghetti topped with cheese and hotdog slices. Two platefuls, I recall mine- and a glass of C2 lemon to quench my thirst. Yet the night didn't end here.

We went to Alfredo's that same evening. After being accustomed to vegetables and a generally fish-based diet, this was the first time I've felt so bloated after only devouring a quarter of my steak.

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