Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My Flight To Manila

At least once a year, I visit my sister here in Manila. I get to troubleshoot some of their gadgets and computers and in return spend a wonderful couple of weeks with her family. Not to forget the fattening ritual. Noticeably, every year I stay with them, I grow fatter because of the great places my sister and brother-in-law brings me to.

One day, my sister just calls me and asks me to come here. It was originally set before November 1 but was later moved last November 8. Unfortunately, I could not have written this posts real time as the first couple of days had been a bit hectic.

Iloilo International Airport Pre-departure Area
The Iloilo International Airport located in Cabatuan, Iloilo isn't the busiest airport in the entire world but it's definitely worth taking a picture of. I especially like having JD (one of Iloilo's cheapest cafe/bakehouse/restaurant) inside the check-in area available for buying great cakes and pastries

If I were to be asked my personal preference in airlines, the answer would definitely be PAL or Philippine Airlines. Why? Aside from the little LCD screens on board showing how long and far the destination is, they also have free snacks ( I had Graham Crackers and Happy Peanuts) and coffee. It may not sound a big deal, but compared to the other airlines who don't serve any at all due to budget cuts, anything is better than nothing. 

Philippine Airlines Airbus-320
Almost all my tickets are purchased through online booking, this is also where PAL is better than Cebu Pacific. No offense to the latter, but their site isn't the most novice-friendly page for online booking. A minute you've selected the cheapest flight but once you've clicked next, you'd have tons of additional taxes and services added in your total bill. 

Yes, PAL is expensive when you intend to book a flight within 2-4 days from now- which is why advanced planning takes an important role on airline selection. If you plan to go somewhere. Do your best to set a date a month (or even a week) before and you might be able to find a cheap option in PAL.

P.S. No, I wasn't paid by PAL to advertise them. And besides, they still have that ongoing issue regarding their employees.

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