Sunday, November 13, 2011

Food for Thought: Spring Deer Restaurant

My brother-in-law has a certain affinity for Chinese food. So today, it's not a surprise we went to Springdeer in Timog, Quezon City. I've already eaten there once and I didn't mind savoring their scrumptious dishes once again. 

This restaurant is mostly packed with people during dinner especially since most of their seafood are still alive before they're cooked. They have this large aquariums where you can actually ask what type of fish, eel or crustacean that is and what dish they can be made of.

Poor things, they're going to be caught, placed in a pail and  brought straight to the kitchen.

I believe this in particular is called the rock fish. My sister and nieces were making fun of it saying it was "planking" vertically. Too bad I had been too shy to take the shot because I'd been too shy.

Noms... Spring Deer Restaurant

The rest of our orders had just arrived and we're really hungry. My personal favorite is the Beef and Brocolli. Their Yang Chow rice and Hot and Sour soup aren't bad either. We also tried the roasted duck which had to be wrapped in pita-like bread. 

Whatever Chinese resto we're in, Hot and Sour Soup and Lemon Chicken are always part of our menu. Last Sunday, we went to Yang Chow at Shopwise, Libis. The food was great but the service was a tad awful. We had to follow-up our drinks twice before they brought it to our table. It probably took them 15 minutes before finally bringing my Coke in can  and it even took them longer to deliver the Melon Shake and Nai cha (Milk Tea, which by the way tasted good).

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