Sunday, November 6, 2011

Acceptable Risk by Robin Cook

"Of course there is a risk," Edward said. "There is always a risk, but I'm confident it is an acceptable risk. Ultra is not toxic, that we know for sure."

It took me some time to finish Robin Cook's Acceptable Risk. It had been a funny book. I did love how he's incorporated the Salem Witch Trials with an unknown psychotropic fungus.

Kim, as the female protagonist, was somewhat an insecure and timid type which made sense given her past relationships. She was paired with Edward, who almost had the same personality as she, yet with the exception of him being extremely intellectual. The story revolves around Kim and her controversial ancestor, Elizabeth Stewart.

Before I had read the book, I was already telling myself that maybe this'd be one of Mr. Cook's open-ended novels. Reaching the last couple of chapters further strengthened my hypothesis that I would once again end up frustrated for not knowing what follows next. I'm glad he didn't do that.

Dr. Cook made it a point to place in a mystery item where in the main character would constantly be in a detective chase trying to figure out what it was. Even I couldn't help but speed through the pages to understand what the big secret was. Nonetheless, I am glad to have not cheated myself by reading the entire book without skipping a page.

In short, I loved it. Dr. Cook is one of the best writers when it comes to medical thrillers. He even adds a touch of mystique and flawed human emotion which the layman can relate to.

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