Saturday, September 3, 2011

Meet Bill Movie

Ever had that feeling that you're in that part of your life that there's no return? You've grown too old or you've gone too far doing a certain thing that it's so hard to just quit and figure out attain your dream life.

Starring Aaron Eckhart, Meet Bill is like an American Beauty with a happier ending. My shortest description of it is, it's about a miserable man on his prime eventually realizing his self worth and what he wants for himself in a feel good movie that gives inspiration to those who still feels at a loss.


I watched it at a friend's house and I couldn't help but review it since it's now one of my inspirational films. Bill is the type of person who is like most of us- lost and without an idea of how to get what he really wants in life.

Of course, we want money, security and a sense of accomplishment, but most of us have just been stuck wondering when and how we can get that big break. To add to our confusion, we experience constant obstacles such as the job which we don't love or a person who keeps on trampling us because they see our vulnerability. That is how Bill felt. He had issues with his wife and her family because they always belittled him.

Everything else in his life worsens at a point in the story. Bill meets a free spirited boy who becomes his friend and life teacher. He eventually gets back up by starting to rebuild his physical self confidence.

Ever wondered how he'd look like in pink underpants? Now's your chance!

Just a side note, a number of star performances I've noticed in this film is that of Logan Lerman (who I usually call Percy in my reviews), Jessica Alba, Kristine Wiig and the charmingly hot Timothy Olyphant.

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