Sunday, September 18, 2011

Teen Wolf Season 1 Review

Today is a weekend and I just finished watching a 7 hour marathon of the remaining Teen Wolf episodes I missed. It speaks for itself with a handful of promising reviews from critics which was the reason it felt like an urgency to finish the entire 12 episodes. At first, the story had felt a little draggy but as the teen dilemmas and supernatural suspense piled one after the other, I caught myself mentally debating with my head whether to pause it for a quick water break or not.

The first time I took a glimpse of Tyler Posey, I knew he was someone I've already seen in the big screen. And after watching his charming face in Teen Wolf over and over, it came back to my mind that he was J-Lo's son in Maid in Manhattan. The kid was such an adorable thing back then. It just proves how charismatic he is. Not only has he gotten a kiss from Crystal Reed but also from J-Lo (at such a young age, too).

Teen Wolf definitely exceeded its expectations. It has an appeal sourced from dark humor and teen issues with raging lycanthropic hormones . The cast had been pretty interesting and I can't help but applaud Dylan O'Brien's flawless performance on his support role which required talkative rationality and awkward hilarious moments.

Teen Wolf Cast (Left to Right): Derek, Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison and Jackson

So for those vampire, werewolf and supernatural being diehard fans, this is a series you shouldn't miss. Don't be deceived by the somewhat uneventful first couple of episodes. The build up starts in the middle and will keep the viewers engaged until the last minutes of a climactic end.


  1. I loved this series! I finished watching it at 1am this morning and I'm super happy that it has been renewed. I loved Stiles.

  2. True, Stiles was awesome. He kept on making me laugh because of his awkwardness in certain situations. I can't wait for the next Teen Wolf Series.


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