Friday, September 23, 2011

Vampire Diaries Season 3: More Internal Conflict

The ending of Season 2 left so many cliffhangers compared to Season 1 that it got me hyped to discover two episodes have already premiered. One of the questions I wish answered is to what becomes of the internal conflicts of Damon and Stefan. I'd also be a hypocrite if I wouldn't admit my rooting for the Elena and Damon tandem. I'm still hoping that romance will occur between the two even when it's still pretty obvious she's still not over Stefan. I haven't read the book because it'll rob me of the pleasure of watching it. Just like the Sookie Stackhouse novels, I won't be doing both things at the same time. It's either I read the book or I watch the series.

What's new with this season? Stefan paves a path for Damon to grow closer to Elena. The fate of Tyler and Caroline's budding relationship becomes apparent yet a little hazy as someone's life may be at stake. Jeremy still sees the visions and has not admitted it yet to Bonnie. Elena turns 18 which means she is now of legal age and has no need of guardianship which Alaric has provided during the death of their Aunt Jenna.

The newest addition to the cast is the 7th Heaven star David Gallagher with so much hair on his face. I still think he would've looked better clean cut, but that's my opinion. I'm glad the next episode is just around the block.


  1. I definitely prefer clean cut and short hair! I'm really excited for this season but haven't watched any episodes yet as life is slightly hectic!

  2. Hey Emm.I completely agree with you on that. I came across your other blog. I've already watched the second episode. I wonder if it's completely different from the book.


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