Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Day (DATE!!!) Gone Bad

So here's the thing... I'm currently an unemployed stay-at-home person because I resigned from my previous job. I must've been crazy to resign from such a good company. But that's how my life goes.

Since I don't work, I just stay at home and WALLOW- trying to figure out my next move. I see my boyfriend less than twice a week and there are even times that we don't see each other at all. Last Sunday, we had planned for him to visit me at home so that we could spend time together. But today, he called me saying that he was arriving late since he had an oral defense. I said it was okay (It was ever so obvious that this was more important.). But of course, I had already worn my usual "let's date" outfit. (I don't think he figured that out.)

Anyway, I was really hoping that we could talk or go out. When he arrived though, he was quite tired and to add to his fatigue, I talked to him about something he had no interest on. The gentleman that he is, he tried to listen with a little zest but to no success. He called it "Information Overload".

I try to share his affinites but I end up talking about the past things I did with my ex (OUCH!). I even showed him an essay which was supposedly to kept from him. But he said that talking about the things I write is more interesting. (APPARENTLY NOT!)

To cut things short, he got so tired that I knew it was time to throw in the towels. Stress has defeated the girlfriend's charm. So I told him to go sleep on the couch (AND HE DID). But I really wished (SO HARD!) that he would stay awake since we only had a limited period of time together (BUT HE DIDN'T). I got really mad and sad at the same time. And before he left, I told him how I felt.

My point is I don't know what to feel. I don't know if I was immature or if I had done the right thing. All I know is I should've expressed how much I miss him more (AND THAT HE SHOULDN'T HAVE SLEPT!). What should've I felt?

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