Monday, August 17, 2009

MOTIVATION: Food for a Purpose (poem)

What is a motivator?

It is something, which ‘turns you on’. It is the drive to obtain what one desires. For others, it may be just for the love of the game or to prove one self’s worth. Otherwise, in dire moments of our existence, it may be the urge to live and love. My motivation? Still speculating to what it may be? Here’s a poem to make you see.

(Please bear with me folks. I wrote this when I was 20 (3/8/2006). Back then, I was so addicted to frappucinos.)

To you, I give my loyalty
To which I treat like royalty
You’re one of my priorities
Yet you exist just to please

You tempt me with coffee and whip cream
With chocolate chips, it’s likely a dream
Driving me with each frappe
Caffeine combined with chocolate frothé

You make smile with each sweet taste
With salty tears I used to waste
Ice cream shakes or healthy corn flakes
Don’t like sweets? Choose juicy steaks

This is the end of my ordeal
‘Til here, I say, I need to stop
This feeling in me is definitely real
I think I need another meal

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