Monday, August 17, 2009

FLEXIBILITY: A Tribute to Imperfection (3/8/2006)

Nobody is perfect. The world isn’t a perfect sphere. The sun cannot perfectly rise at the same moment each day. But the Lord is smart. For in imperfections do we see joy and happiness. What is a world without the definition of success? What is a world,without serendipity and technological advances? What is a love without problems to strengthen the relationship? That is why imperfections exist.

Without imperfections, life would be boring. Though we strive to have perfect lives, we know it would never be like that. Reason why one must be flexible to survive.

(As an engineer) Flexibility can be compared to elasticity. Garters do a good job of demonstrating how it springs back as if nothing happened after it was stretched. Like garters, we experience tensions in forms of setbacks, and we retract to cope.

To minimize damage, people have learned the essence of ‘plan Bs’. In a power plant, plan B is called a contingency plan. In a person’s life, it is called a ‘back-up’. There is no exact science in how people plan their back-up. But if ever someone asks you what you'd do incase all else fails, there's a perfect answer for that, which is to to get up again and start all over.

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