Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thirst 3 by Christopher Pike

Ahhh, another book by Christopher Pike tucked safely in my mind. After re-reading the first two Thirst books also known as The Last Vampire novels, I'm glad I was able to finish this one sooner than I expected. I started reading it while I was waiting for my flight home and had just finished it a couple of minutes ago. Now, like a new-born vampire, I am craving for Thirst 4, anxious to find out what adventure awaits the famous Sita.

In Thirst 3, Sita faces two giant enemies- one in the name of the Telar ( an ancient race eager to disseminate the entire human race) and the IIC ( who possesses a powerful weapon in their hands). Both are after her, yet it is still a puzzle as whether they want her dead or alive. Surely, dead -as she's been that way 5000 years ago but definitely in a state where she can still share her worldly knowledge ( by torture or by.... umm, torture).

She meets an interesting personality by the name of Matt and Seymour is back in the picture. For those who've read Thirst 1 and 2, Seymour is an HIV-ridden high school friend who's supposedly written the manuscript of her life.

What's nice about Thirst 3 is that before the story gets deep into the action, Sita (Alisa Perne) visits Seymour and her whole life is summarized in 2 to 3 pages. That's right, there's no more need to read the first two books! But I'm sure most of the people reading this 3rd masterpiece of Pike have already done so.

Christopher Pike's newer books about Alisa have a more updated tech to it. Aside from the old school guns this particular vampire has in her arsenal, she is now accompanied by a mysterious and powerful being (whose name and parents I won't divulge) with a knack for state-of-the-art weaponry and gadgets.

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