Monday, December 12, 2011

What a Week: Bathroom Construction

Life is so harsh. I'm so tired today because of the mini-construction going on at home. We're tiling the bathroom and fixing a portion of the house. It's been an endless week of fitting in schedules and making time to check the foreman's job.

A couple of weeks ago, we were experiencing mini-earthquakes. I was wondering what the cause of it was, as there weren't news of any occurring. To my surprise, the foreman in-charge of tiling and "prettifying" the bathroom informed us that the cemented portion of the house is slowly sinking. There was a big gap between the wall towards the other rooms and the wall of the bathroom. The cemented portion is leaning at an approximately 10 degrees angle. Not only was it funny, but devastating as well.

Who would've thought that the cemented part was the first one to get damaged. So now, aside from the issue of fitting the the entire bathroom renovation in the number of labor days I and my sister ( courtesy of my generous BIL) could afford, I had to spend extra to put braces at the bottom of the kitchen, to help support the weight of the cemented walls and floor.

I chose blue tiles because those were the best looking ones I've seen. Unfortunately, this also means that the room could turn into an insect touring spot. Let's just hope the white wall will deflect them- even in the slightest way.

After the construction ( and the paint job me and my beau will be doing), we'll have a brand new bathroom my mom will be happy of... hopefully.

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