Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thirst 4 by Christopher Pike

It gives me great joy to proudly say I have crossed out Thirst 4 in my "must-read" books for this year. Although I have two more Robin Cooks to read, the thought of finally finishing the Thirst series (at its current state) is something I'm somewhat happy to share to the world.

I'd like to share one of the excerpts of the book which is memorable to me (AFTER THE SPOILER ALERT). Christopher Pike's learned and interesting way of describing the higher beings are what I find most appalling. It had been so long since I could've accepted theories on regarding God and I'm delighted to have found a series of words and descriptions that completely make sense to me.

My beau is calling me a Pike-ist (derived from terms such as Theist and Atheist) because of how I like Pike's explanation of that which are unexplainable at the moment. He is a wonderful writer and I have tracked his books for more than 15 years.


Thirst 4 is definitely one of his well-written works. Like all the Last Vampire series, this is definitely worth every penny it cost. Alisa Perne makes a comeback as a reincarnate for the first half of the book just to be transferred back to her old body after being stuck as newborn vamp. It had its moments, especially with the 5000 year-old vampire craving for fresh human blood and lacking the skill set she used to have.

She joins forces with the two most important people in Yaksha's life while fighting a force larger than life called the Hydra (as Krishna has described). Thinking the climax had passed, it greatly took me by surprise that one more twist was about to unravel.
I believe Krishna's approach to spirituality was more scientific. He said that whatever path you follow in life, you should uncover small proofs along the way so you know you're going the right way. Otherwise, you could end up chasing illusions.
The quoted excerpt is one my favorite lines in the book. I want to share more of them but that would spoil Thirst 4. I've noticed that Christopher Pike is now into exploring more of the world's outlook on religion and it's nice to read from a fresh mind other than the ones in Youtube or the Church.

My next question would be... is this truly the last of the Thirst Series or will I be anxiously waiting for another one of Sita's resurrection or prequels to come?


  1. I've seen on the wikipedia of the las vampire that thirst 5 will be published in spring not sure its true but do have great hope it is

    1. We hope so, too. It's been like forever. I can't wait what Christopher Pike is capable of!

      Thank you for dropping by.


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